Note from Poseidon:  All items listed on my store are items we own or have used.  We will provide you a no-BS review since we're not tied to or receive any benefits from any brand or manufacturer.

Buoyancy Compensators

On all BCs I have used the Atomic SS1 so I can interchange my regulator when needed without changing out hoses.

Scubapro Hydros: The Hydros is the latest from Scubapro.  I haven’t gotten to dive it yet since I just bought it, but it bought it for a reason.  Scubapro makes great equipment and this is now going to be my goto BC.  It’s extremely versatile and can be altered to be a more travel version if needed. The color kit allows you to had a variety of color to it to identify your equipment from others.  I chose Orange due to my Alma Mater.

Oceanic Jetpack:  After carrying my stuff all over Central America I made the decision to research some BCs.  I stumbled upon the Jetpack.    This BC can be taken apart and zipped up into about a 2inch thick case that has a separate backpack style attachment to it.   To use it you unzip and roll up the flap, then take the waist straps and insert them into the strap holders.  This part is the only pain with this BC but its minimal pain.  This is my main BC whenever I loan my others out to friends.

Mares Pure SLS:  This BC is a warranty replacement Mares sent.  The prior BC, the Pro-Tec (the pure’s predecessor) was bulky but versatile.   However, issues with Mares weight pockets led me to have to put extra clips on the BC to use it.  As a result of a bad dive and some choice words for Mares coupled with some insider knowledge, they completely replaced the BC with the Pure and their altered design for the weight integration.  The verdict is TBD.  With that being said, the Pro-tec while bulky allowed me to the shiniest Christmas tree in the water with all types of ornaments hanging off me i.e. knives, inflatables, bags, lights, etc.

Sherwood Shadow:  I bought this BC during a Veterans day event since everything was half price.   This was my second BC.  A Hybrid BC, it felt weird to me because I dove with the Probe for so long.  I quickly transitioned after only using it a few times to a rear inflating BC.  A solid BC and all my friends bought it and haven’t had anything negative to say about the BC.

Oceanic Probe:  For transparency, I had an old version of the Probe, the LX.   This was my first BC.  The Probe is a jacket style inflation BC. I bought it as a Small, and that’s probably my biggest regret.  I online shopped and saw this BC as the best BC of the year.   I still have it and if I could wear it due to my size, I would be still diving with it as my main BC.  That how much I love it.   I have never had to worry about this BC failing me and it has not let me down in close to 15 years.

Dive Computers

Scubapro G2:  I just bought this dive computer after seeing it at DEMA.  Haven't used it yet but my initial impression is very easy to use.

Atomic Cobalt:  This was my first dive computer.  I like easy to use which usually means $$$$.  This is a 4 button dive computer so its virtually a no need to read the manual type.  Its that simple. The Cobalt had battery issues, but Atomic has since remedied that and have updated versions like the Cobalt 2.  Oceanic also has a computer that looks identical to the Cobalt.  Ironically enough both companies are owned by the same parent company.  This is an integrated dive computer but not wireless.  The large face and bright screen make it easy to see underwater.   Also, I’ve noticed the battery takes forever to die.  I’ve come back after a long hiatus of not diving and the battery retained a 75% charge. This one is a 10 on ease of use scale.

Mares Icon HD: This was my first venture into being untethered.  A wireless dive computer, this one is like an iphone on your wrist.  Slightly bulky, but a 10 on the easy to use scale.   The dongle is the hard part as you have to be incredibly careful when screwing it into your first stage.  Once again, the large face makes it easy to read and simple to use.  This one also has a feature where it can read multiple dongles within close proximity so someone diving with kids could monitor their air use.

Garmin Descent:  I bought this dive computer after having a Garmin Fenix3 athletic watch.  This is the Fenix 3 with a dive computer added to it.  It is not air integrated.   This is a bit more challenging to use due to the various modes you can choose from.  I wear it when diving but only use it as a back up just in case there is an issue.  If you are looking for a do everything watch to include diving, this is a solid choice.

Suunto Cobra:  While only 3 buttons, I bought this one at a pawn shop, and it’s the main one I loan out.  Generally simple to use 7/10.  The batter can easily be replaced.  Just slightly difficult to read at times if you aren’t familiar with it prior.

Regulators and accessories

Atomic T3:  I bought the T3 when it first came out and I was traveling in Central America.   The T3 has a 3 year service schedule to it.  I have had no issues with this regulator. 

Scubapro Mk 25/S600:  This was my first regulator. It started my opinion of Scubapro products and hasnt let me down a single time.

Scubapro Mk2/R195: I have three of these setups.  They are my rental/training setups and solid equipment.  

Atomic SS1:  I chose the SS1 because I dislike have that octopus line sticking out the side  for the rare time of a catastrophic  failure of a regulator or out of air situation.  The SS1 replaces your low pressure inflator and turns it into you octopus.  I've never had any issue with this product.  A friend had a minor air leak but an Allen wrench and a quarter turn easily fixed that.

Color Kit:  The color kit is great when you want to easily identify your equipment .  




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